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When successful funding created a marketing budget, Qualus selected Matrix Marketing to establish a regular flow of informative content to explain the environmental issues and positive impact its Greentech delivered. Regular company news helped build engagement through LinkedIn, a case study workstream made more of impressive environmental benefits, and awards helped give investors confidence.

Vikrant Pratap, Qualus’ CEO, had a clear business plan and strategy but needed marketing expertise to complement sales and operational excellence.

He commented; “The experience of the Matrix Marketing team means that, alongside executing a streamlined plan, they can support unexpected needs across the board. They’ve helped improve the profile and perception of our business significantly – which is great for sales, but also for internal audiences.

The team were also delighted when Qualus was shortlisted for the UK Business Awards in the Best Sustainability Initiative.


About Qualus and its Sfere technology

Qualus began life as a research and development project to improve the tanning process at the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT) at the University of Northampton between 2013 and 2016. Since then, successful pilots of Qualus’ Sfere technology have been run across Europe and Latin America, and patents have been granted in key markets, including Europe, US, India and China. The company achieved Technology Readiness Level 9 in 2020 and is now focused on rapid commercialisation.

The global leather industry, with an annual turnover of £50 billion, uses vast quantities of water, chemicals and energy while also creating large volumes of effluent for treatment. Tanneries face market and regulatory pressure to reduce pollution but doing so has proven difficult to date without losing competitiveness due to increased costs or because of the unacceptable reduction in the quality of their leather. The patented Sfere technology from Qualus is able to cut the use of water by up to 40% and chemicals by up to 15% in leather tanning and retanning, without affecting the quality of the leather produced. The key to Qualus’ commercial success has been a recognition that sustainability should not require manufacturers, brands, or consumers to compromise on value or quality.

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