Ralph&Rose – Case Study

The Ralph&Rose Ultimate Picnic Blanket was created by company founder Mandy Anderson.  With a passion for creating special times with family and friends, Mandy wanted to create something that could be used throughout all seasons.  Whether a sunny city park, a blustery sandy beach or crisp autumn days in the woods, the Ultimate Picnic Blanket was made to keep bottoms dry, spirits high and make loving memories.

Selling the blankets over the years at country living shows and events was easy – the blankets proved to be very popular!  However, due to the Covid pandemic, events came to a halt in the Spring of 2020 and Mandy needed to rethink marketing channels.

At a women’s network event, Mandy was introduced to Michelle Dalby, Associate at Matrix Marketing.  Having heard about Ralph & Rose’s business and its recent challenges, Michelle started helping Mandy branch out into the editorial world of Sunday colour supplements.

As a result of understanding the product’s target market combined with an increased amount of time spent at home, Michelle wasn’t surprised with major tabloids started offering Mandy ‘not to be missed’ opportunities. A series of editorials were produced to introduce this new audience to the brand, the product features and most importantly its benefits.

“I believe everyone needs a Ralph&Rose Ultimate Picnic Blanket in their lives.  I needed to have a new way to sell the blankets and editorial was an unknown to me.  Michelle’s excellent copywriting skills meant that I’ve never looked back since we started placing editorials in highly circulation newspapers.  Michelle has been instrumental in growing my confidence in this area.  As a result, my business has moved to a new level.” Mandy Anderson, company founder, Ralph&Rose

Copy created by Michelle for Ralph&Rose was featured in The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Sunday Times and Evening Standard throughout Autumn 2020. Alongside social media support, Ralph&Rose has seen a 50% increase in sales year on year. 


If you need help getting your business in front of the right people in the right way, please get in touch with the Matrix Marketing team. Whether it’s managing events, developing content or getting noticed online, we can help you to reach your target audiences with carefully considered and deployed communications.

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