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Corporate repositioning, thought leadership content to drive sales and website revamp

Triad Group Plc is a 50 strong consultancy and resourcing firm that specialises in digital solutions. Initially, the marketing brief was to help position the company to raise awareness and target the private sector. However, with a one day a week arrangement, the marketing strategy developed to increase engagement from investments in thought leadership, engage staff more fully in profile raising and exploit a wider range of marketing channels. After two years, Triad has seen a significant increase in its social profile, has a new website and an established content calendar that includes video, infographics and research findings.


Adrian Leer, Managing Director of Triad Group Plc considers the relationship with Matrix Marketing to have paid huge dividends:

“We needed expertise on tap that could flex to our plans and budget but also help us to innovate. Ana is always reminding us to prioritise the business development rationale for our marketing activity and this helps us maximise ROI. There’s no doubt Matrix Marketing can provide expertise that helps businesses grow.”


Matrix Marketing supported the successful launch of Triad’s campaigns around blockchain and Intelligent Automation practices, enhanced its relationship with Digital Leaders and turbocharged its thought leadership.


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