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Brand development, creating simple messaging for different audiences, website and social support

VIG Futures was created to increase understanding and usage of the Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) therapeutic approach by two practitioners Zubeida Dasgupta and Rebecca Carr-Hopkins. Matrix Marketing helped them identify a name, create the brand and deliver a website with copy that spoke to parents and professionals.  Importantly for this young business, Matrix Marketing was a flexible partner whose support also extended to project management, social tracking and image sourcing.

Rebecca Carr-Hopkins,  Co-Founder of VIG Futures believe working with Matrix Marketing got the best results faster and with flexibility:

“Both Zubeida and I had extremely busy schedules so, the expertise Ana brought was invaluable because it made the brand development process incredibly efficient without compromising on quality. Her breadth of marketing experience and understanding meant we could switch between priorities, without any delay to the overall process. We loved working with Matrix Marketing and we have a great brand and messaging toolkit to build our business on.”

Matrix Marketing helped busy co-founders understand their proposition better, creating an engaging brand and website that supported the successful launch of the VIG Futures business.


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