Pay for marketing leadership – as and when you need it.

We will flex our hours based on your needs. We will only charge for time spent. And we will never ask for a retainer.

Introducing Matt Ansell - Fractional CMO

Many businesses don’t need a full-time Marketing Director or Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). However, every business is likely to benefit from senior strategic input at one time or another.

That is where I come in! I am a marketing veteran who founded Matrix Marketing in 2017, following a long career as a Marketing Director.

I provide senior marketing expertise in small doses or on a project basis. Each month, I will plan with you to ensure that I can provide the support you need. That's often between 3 to 10 hours spread over a week, however some projects may require more time and I can factor that in. 

I will engage your target audiences by enhancing and elevating your marketing activity. I have a small team to support me and provide subject expertise. The result is a more refined and focused activity that improves performance, drives sales, and fuels growth.


Why does a Fractional Marketing Director / CMO make sense?

Few businesses have the luxury of senior, experienced marketing leadership on tap.

That's where I can help. My clients tend to need support with specific sales or marketing related challenges. This might be to scale their business, figure out what's blocking their sales pipeline, launch a new product or break into a new market. And sometimes it's as simple as "I know my marketing isn't effective. But I don't know why." 

Most clients need 3 - 10 hours of my time spread over a working week. The beauty of fractional expertise is that I can ramp up the hours at crunch time and scale them back down based on your business needs requirements. 

I offer fractional marketing to all our clients, who tend to fall into one of three categories:


Some quotes from my clients



“Matt came highly recommended, joining us before Umoto had a name. He’s creative and innovative without the bullshit. He’s an active part of our leadership team and is someone who investors respect and admire.” 

Kev Rowe, CEO, Umoto


“Matthew's marketing insight and knowledge was invaluable to TellJO, when we most needed direction. Throughout the process of design and feedback, Matthew was quick to assimilate information and convert it into easy to understand branding and copy for our customers.
I would highly recommend Matthew and TellJO will look to retain Matthew for additional support ongoing.”

Dominic Maxwell, Managing Director, TellJO


“I knew Matt from when he invested in a business I was working in. And he made a real impact there – I enjoyed working with him. I took the leap with a new business idea and asked Matt to be part of my founding team. He helped us find a new name, re-brand, launch and grow. He understands the pressures of running a small business and is unafraid to speak his mind. When I need his advice, he is there.” 

Simeon Gunn, Managing Director, Soul Stirrer


“Our relationship with Matt goes way back to when he worked with us on our group scale-up plan in 2017. Since then he has added value and ROI in lots of ways. Matt has worked as our Fractional Group CMO, Interim Marketing Director and on countless projects and initiatives. We continue to work with Matt recommend him. It is so rare to find that level of marketing expertise on tap.”

Ryan Welmans, CEO, Sopro 


“We began working with Matrix Marketing because we needed expertise on tap that could flex to our plans and budget but also help us to innovate. Matt is always reminding us to prioritise the business development rationale for our marketing activity and this helps us maximise ROI. There’s no doubt Matrix Marketing can provide expertise that helps businesses grow.”

Adrian Leer, Managing Director, Triad Group Plc

Would you like to sell more?

Would your business benefit from senior marketing expertise, strategic insights and a tailored solution that drives sales and fuels growth? If so, then get in touch.


Q: What is the difference between a Marketing Director and a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)?

A: Some organisations employ a Marketing Director who will report to a CMO. Others will have a CMO or a Marketing Director.

Marketing Directors are normally responsible for implementing an organisation’s marketing, communications, and brand strategies. Typical outputs would be annual marketing plans, a calendar of campaigns and events, a marketing budget, competitor analysis and results reporting.

The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) grew in the late 2000's as organisations were challenged to think strategically about how to utilise their customer data and optimise their customer communicational channels, many of which were digital. Most CMOs now occupy the C-suite and report to the CEO. Their role is to creatively apply insights to business challenges, use data to validate decisions, create seamless customer experiences across media and revenue channels, and ensure that the customer remains at the centre of the organisation.

Q: How did the role of a Fractional CMO / Marketing Director come about?

A: Start-ups and scale-ups require specialist strategic support to help them grow. And that's the same for organisations who are struggling to grow or who are planning major change. It's rare that these businesses have senior expertise on tap, which is where we come in.

A Fractional CMO or Marketing Director will typically join the company for the short term, usually working for a “fraction” of the work week. That enables them to work across the business, identify short, medium and long term growth opportunities. The quick wins are important, because they can fund the fractional investment. 

Q: What projects or initiatives do you typically get involved with as a Fractional CMO?

A: That depends on the needs of the business. I'm normally hired because my client has a specific goal. This might be to re-brand, launch a new product, break into a new market, or figure out what's blocking their sales pipeline. Or it may be as simple as "I know my marketing isn't effective. But I don't know why." 

I always start any assignment with an end in mind, agreeing when my mission will be complete, and what success looks like in terms of £ or $ increased revenue.

Q: If I hired you as a Fractional CMO, when would you work on our business?

A: That depends on you and your needs. There may be specific times during a working week when you will need me, for example during weekly management or sales calls, team  meets, etc. With some clients, I have regular progress update calls with my stakeholder(s). So I will plan my diary with those times in mind and then build my other deliverables in around that.

The beauty of being a Fractional CMO with more than one client at any time is that I can flex the time I spend on each business, day by day. For example, I may plan to spend 4 - 5 hours on one day on one specific client. This is common at the start of an assignment. And other days I may be working on several different clients in 1 - 2 hour chunks.

Q: How long is a typical assignment?

A: There is no typical assignment length. Briefs are often based around a specific mission, and many internal and external factors can influence the speed of these. 

Once I understand your challenges, I will be able to advise you on how long I am likely to need and how quickly I will be able to generate additional revenue for you. 


Q: What are your key skills?

A: I am an experienced marketer who has worked at Board level, for small, mid, and large sized businesses. Most assignments draw on the kind of skills you’d expect a Fractional CMO to utilise, such as leadership, lead generation, retention and engagement, marketing communications, brand identity, brand positioning, research, and analytics. My passions are brand marketing and digital communication. And I love a spreadsheet! 

Q: How much does a Fractional CMO cost?

A: At the start of the assignment we will agree a plan for how long I will need per week to support you. That is the most that you will pay.

I charge in 15 minute blocks based on a pre-agree hourly rate. That hourly rate is on a sliding scale based on the brief and the number of days booked at the start of the assignment.

I do not charge a retainer. And if I will require additional support or software then I will  discuss this with you before committing to it.

Q: Who works for Matrix Marketing?

A: Me - Matt Ansell! I am the only full-time employee of Matrix Marketing. I hire specialist support as required for each assignment, with some associates such as Michelle and Paul working with me on multiple assignments, because their skill-sets tend to be more commonly required. 

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